Barazia Gjinore revamping..

We've completely revamped our committee and decided to be more of a resource for Volunteers and Albanians alike. I did a lot of work with GAD last year and now I'm officially on the committee, whatever, still love the initiative and am pretty passionate about it, especially in Albania. Peace Corps DC decided to change all the GAD or Gender and Development committees worldwide to Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment committees. Since most governmental agencies like acronyms, GEWE would be the one for this committee, so we decided to stay Shqip and make our official name "Barazia Gjinore" or "Gender Development."

We're going to look at this year as a rebuilding year, growing in our resources and revamping our branding (that's my major job). I redesigned the logo and have grown the Facebook audience and now I'm currently working on the website. This is right up my alley and it gives me a chance to keep my design skills up and add some awesome stuff to my portfolio. We're also working on what we've started calling "The Traveling Circus" where we go to Volunteer's sites who have gender development related projects and help them with man power, resources and ideas for their projects. This will give us a chance to act as a resource and see gender development around the country.

So, I don't know if I should say it or not, but like us on Facebook for worldwide news on gender development and see projects that Volunteers are doing in their communities to strengthen this initiative.  I'm hoping to have the website finished within the next two weeks.