Celebrating 100 years of independence..

This week was Albania's annual holiday for independence, sort of like 4th of July for America. This year was special because it marked the 100th year of freedom from the Illyrians and recognition as an independent country. Red double headed eagle flags have been but up all across the country, spray painted outlines have been made on the sides of buildings and parties have been happening all week to celebrate this landmark.

In Bajram Curri we had about 4 or 5 huge celebrations in the new gymnasium where students preformed dances and sung patriotic songs and dressed in all red and black. Students also participated in huge parades with flags and songs as they all walked to the gym together. A huge milestone in my eyes is the Google did a 'doodle' for Albania, changing their logo for Flag Day to a double headed eagle intertwined with the number 100 to represent Albania's 100 years of freedom.

Being a part of this huge event was amazing. I got to celebrate with some of my friends and we went to an outdoor concert and saw some amazing fireworks. Albania and Kosovo both celebrated this holiday, even though Kosovo was part of the Former Republic of Yugoslavia there is a very strong connection between the two countries. They speak Albanian in Kosovo and have a very large ethnically Albanian population. They are also two of the most pro-American countries I've ever visited. Albania has a statue of George Bush and Kosovo has a statue in the capital of Bill Clinton, right beside this statue is "Hilary's Clothing" which is pretty funny. But anyways, it's been an amazing week full of friends, food, drinking and dancing so I'm going to take this weekend to catch up on all the sleep I've missed. Urime per festen Shqiperi!

Elementary school parade in town..

One of the parties full of dancing and singing.. I think more than half the town is inside..
Congratulations for 100 years for the Albanian state..