Creating an online presence..

So, one of my big projects recently has been redesigning the committee "Gender Equality" for Peace Corps Albania's logo, making a website and just getting a strong presence online for resources for Volunteers and Albanian's alike to help teach on gender development and make it applicable to Albania. I honestly just feel like I've been doing freelance work but I get to do whatever I want which is nice. I started with the logo, built up an entire package from that, thankfully we already had a pretty active Facebook page with Volunteers and Albanian youth, built a website from scratch (not my favorite work but I used it as a learning experience) and now I'm working on what I've titled "Gender Role Shorts."

Last year I, along with other Volunteers, interviewed over 20 Albanians, men, women and children, all with differing opinions on women's place in Albanian society, gender roles in the workplace, etc. One documentary was put together but I wanted to use these interviews to their fullest extent (a lot of the interviews weren't used in the documentary either). I thought this made a perfect opportunity to use these interviews and build our online presence even more by making 1-2 minute Youtube videos of all these amazing interviews and opinions from people all over the country.

Thankfully I've had a lot of help with the translations because I made it a goal to make all the videos in English and in Albanian. So far I have three videos uploaded and I'm working on making one every two weeks with the footage I already have. I think having these resources for students and Peace Corps Volunteers is a great way to help develop the movement of gender equality. I also believe that listening to Albanian's with varying opinions on the matter is a great way to learn and relate as well.

So, please, check out the work I've done so far: