Today, you shined.

So our youth basketball league has become pretty much an every week thing which is amazing. It gives us something to do during those hours between lunch and dinner and the kids really appreciate us opening up the gym for them. They're such good kids and we're really lucky and it's also good for them because it gives them something to do besides hang out in bars smoking cigarettes all afternoon.

I know I've blogged about basketball earning me street cred and today was just another example. I mean of course I'm the only girl in the gym but that's no big deal, it was like that at the YMCA in America. I've also talked about how girls and women here, especially in my small town, have a very conservative role in the family, loosely compared to women in the 1940's in America. The kids that all come and play are in the high school and all boys. We've also started playing with workers in the Bashkia, who are also all men.

Today, for some reason, they thought I was super good. I was assigned someone to follow me wherever I go which is crazy because they're usually pretty lax on defense. If I did score or even touch the ball the guy guarding me would get an ear full from his teammates. I kept hearing, in Albanian, "she's crazy today" or "how does she make them?" I didn't really think I was playing any different than I usually do but after the game, someone from the other day came up to me and said, in English, "Brenna, today you shined." Well damn, what can you say to that but thanks. Basketball has always been a part of my life and it's awesome, once again, that I've gotten to be this involved with the sport that I love in my community.