A Defect with the Minivan..

It's like that feeling you get when you're in a minivan at 5:00am and you naturally fall asleep but then are woken up by the driver yelling at you that there's a defect in the van and you have to ride in the back of a work truck with goats, one other foreigner and a few albanians the rest of the way to the lake and then when you do get there that driver charges you 200L more than the other guy said he would and but he's no where to be found.

That's how my Monday morning started this week and it's pretty much been the defining moment of this entire week. I think the all ever luminous trip to Amerik in 3 weeks has been on my mind constantly for about 2 months now and I'm ready for it to hurry up and get here. I've also got about 5 different projects going on now, some of which need to be finished before I do go home. But this is my favorite time of the year, no matter where I am in the world.